Hibiki 17 Year Old (Early Edition)

Hibiki 17 Year Old (Early Edition)


One of the first releases with White Box and Golden neck

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938.88 €

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Region: Japanese whisky
Collectible: Unicorn, Discontinued
Brand: Hibiki, Suntory
Distillery: The Yamazaki, The Hakushu, The Chita
ABV: 43.0%
Content: 700ml

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Hibiki 17 Early edition

The Hibiki 17 Early Edition is a cherished relic of the Japanese whisky world, now a discontinued gem highly sought after by both collectors and aficionados. Aged patiently for 17 years within a harmonious medley of oak casks, this extraordinary whisky presents a distinctive and intricate flavor spectrum that remains the domain of only a select few Japanese whiskies.

Imbued with a luscious, honeyed bouquet, its palate entices with succulent hints of apricot and a symphony of spices, ultimately culminating in a velvety and enduring finish. The Hibiki 17 Early Edition stands as an embodiment of the time-honored mastery inherent in the Japanese whisky-making tradition.

Its rarity endows it with a prized status in the realm of whisky collections, making it a coveted addition for connoisseurs in pursuit of an elevated whisky experience. Here's your chance to savor a fragment of whisky history with the now-discontinued Hibiki 17 Early Edition.

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