Limited Editions and Special Releases: The Springbank Sherry Series

Springbank's next legacy and collector's dream
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In the realms of whisky enthusiasts, discussions about Springbank are both polarizing and awe-inspiring, as the distillery's traditional production methods and rich history captivate aficionados. Whether one finds themselves on the spectrum of devoted fans or critical skeptics, Springbank's name often resonates within the whisky community, proving to be promotional gold—though, if only the whisky itself could grace those same eager lips more frequently.

Arguably, Springbank now shares the upper echelons of whisky collectability with Macallan, as its bottles barely linger on merchant shelves, eagerly pursued by enthusiasts akin to relentless zombie hordes seeking unsuspecting prey. Even the core range, ignited further by the inclusion of Hazelburn and Longrow, experiences a demand akin to seismic proportions. The question of an end game looms, yet as long as Springbank maintains its commitment to delivering exceptional limited editions, the market appears committed to riding the lava swell toward seemingly limitless frontiers.

The Sherry Series

Building on the unrivaled success of the Local Barley range, Springbank has embarked on a new journey with the Sherry Series, featuring five expressions that delve deep into the nuances of partially maturing whisky in various sherry wood types. This series promises to be a collector's dream, adding another layer to Springbank's legacy.

Source: Springbank

Release Timeline - 2022 through 2026

The Sherry Series unfolds over five years, with each annual release focusing on a different sherry cask variety. The timeline is as follows:

  1. Springbank 10-year-old Pedro Ximénez release 2022 edition: 2012 vintage: 7 years bourbon + 3 years PX sherry.
  2. Springbank 10-year-old Palo Cortado release 2023 edition: 2013 vintage: 6 years bourbon + 4 years Palo Cortado sherry.
  3. Springbank 10-year-old Amontillado release 2024 edition: 2014 vintage: 5 years bourbon + 5 years Amontillado sherry.
  4. Springbank 10-year-old Fino release 2025 edition: 2015 vintage: 4 years bourbon + 6 years Fino sherry.
  5. Springbank 10-year-old Manzanilla release 2026 edition:2016 vintage: 3 years bourbon + 7 years Manzanilla sherry.

Final Thoughts

Notably, the partial sherry maturation increases in one-year increments, reflecting the nature of the selected sherry casks. The Springbank Sherry Series may not mature in sherry casks exclusively, but it promises a captivating exploration of sherry influences alongside bourbon barrel aging.

While some might find the series name, 'The Sherry Series,' a touch misleading due to the partial maturation, it signifies Springbank's venture into experimental sherry cask finishes. The series, guaranteed to be a collector's dream, is expected to elevate Springbank to new heights in the whisky world. As enthusiasts eagerly await each release, the prospect of enjoying these exquisite spirits becomes an exciting reality, marking a moment in time when Springbank sets a benchmark that challenges even its own remarkable standards.

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