Yamazaki Watami President Choice 12 year old
The Yamazaki 12 Watami President Choice

Yamazaki Watami President Choice 12 year old


Collectible Exclusive

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Region: Japanese whisky
Collectible: Unicorn, Discontinued
Brand: Suntory
Distillery: The Yamazaki
Age: 12 Year Old
Cask type: Sherry
ABV: 43.0%
Content: 660ml
Availability: In Stock
Remarks: No Box

Learn more about this Exclusive bottling for the Watami Chain in our blog

A rare The Yamazaki 12 year old produced exclusively for Miki Watanabe, the Managing Director of the Watami Chain of Restaurants. The Watami President Edition is a limited release that was created to celebrate the appointment of the president of Watami. This exclusive bottling was only available through the Watami restaurants and izakayas (informal drinking / eating establishments in Japan), comprising whiskies aged for at least 12 years, with a higher proportion of sherry cask maturation compared to the regular Yamazaki 12 Year Old. The result is a complex and refined whisky with rich red fruit notes, setting it apart from the tropical fruit notes of the standard Yamazaki 12. Enjoy the exceptional flavors and history of this exclusive release.

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