Nikka Yoichi Heavily Peated Single Malt
Nikka Yoichi Heavily Peated

Nikka Yoichi Heavily Peated Single Malt

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1,988.88 €

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Region: Japanese whisky
Collectible: Unicorn
Brand: Nikka Whisky
Distillery: Yoichi
Cask type: Aged Oak
ABV: 48.0%
Content: 700ml
Bottled: 2015
Remarks: No Box
Delivery Time: 1-2 Weeks

This Yoichi Heavily Peated bottling came out in 2015 alongside the Miyagikyo Sherry Cask, gained significant popularity and has become increasingly scarce despite a production run of 3,000 bottles. The Nikka Yoichi Heavily Peated whisky is distinguished by the captivating aroma of aged casks, a smooth and harmonious palate, and a robust and commanding flavor profile.

Yoichi Heavily Peated is a remarkable expression that showcases the prominence of peat, meticulously crafted from carefully chosen single malts, many of which have been aged for over 20 years. The striking deep blue label was thoughtfully designed to honor the sea and its profound influence on the distillery.