Macallan Classic Cut 2017
The Macallan Classic Cut 2017

Macallan Classic Cut 2017

Limited Edition

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Region: Scotch whisky
Collectible: Limited Edition
Brand: The Macallan
Distillery: The Macallan, The Macallan
ABV: 58.4%
Content: 700ml

The Macallan Classic Cut 2017 is a must-try for whisky enthusiasts seeking a rich and complex dram. This limited edition single malt scotch whisky is crafted with exceptional casks, handpicked by Macallan's master whisky maker. The whisky is then bottled at natural cask strength of 58.4%, resulting in a bold and intense flavor profile that balances oak, vanilla, and sweet ginger notes. The Classic Cut 2017 offers a unique taste experience that truly showcases the Macallan's exceptional distilling techniques and dedication to creating high-quality whisky. With only a limited number of bottles available, this is a rare opportunity to savor a true masterpiece of the whisky world.