Kanosuke 2021 Second Edition
Kanosuke Second Edition

Kanosuke 2021 Second Edition


2021 release

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Region: Japanese whisky
Distillery: Kanosuke Distillery
ABV: 57.0%
Content: 700ml
Release: 2021

The Kanosuke 2021 Second Edition is a magnificent follow-up to the highly acclaimed First Edition released earlier this year. The first single malt from the distillery was widely praised for its smooth and mellow character, achieved by distilling in all three of Kanosuke's unique stills and aging mainly in ex-shochu casks.

The Second Edition builds on this success by aging primarily in ex-bourbon casks, resulting in a sweeter, fruitier expression with more vanilla and oak spice. On the nose, expect fragrant citrus, vanilla, lemon tea, and green apple notes, while the palate delivers sweet honey, cinnamon spice, and a touch of grapefruit. The medium-length finish starts sweet before a slight bitterness from the grapefruit lingers until your next sip.

Don't miss out on this fantastic release, which offers another glimpse into the inner workings of the Kanosuke distillery.

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