Hibiki 21 Year Old Mizunara 100 Anniversary

Hibiki 21 Year Old Mizunara 100 Anniversary


Suntory 100th Anniversary Edition

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Region: Japanese whisky
Collectible: Limited Edition
Brand: Hibiki, Suntory
Distillery: The Yamazaki, The Hakushu, The Chita
Age: 21 Year Old
Content: 700ml

Introducing Hibiki 21 Year old  100th Anniversary Limited Edition

Experience the exceptional Hibiki 21 Year Old 100th Anniversary Limited Edition, a harmonious fusion of meticulously blended malt and grain whiskies, orchestrated to create a symphony of captivating flavors and aromas. This extraordinary centennial release takes a bold step forward by introducing the rare and revered Mizunara oak, a key influencer that enriches the blend while preserving the iconic character and essence of Hibiki.

The centennial anniversary label adorning the Hibiki 21 Year Old bottle is a visual masterpiece, elegantly transitioning through a spectrum of colors that beautifully evoke the enchanting Japanese sunrise. This breathtaking design symbolizes life, vitality, and the ceaseless flow of time—an embodiment of the deep-rooted significance of the sun in Japanese culture. Just as the sun nurtures the surrounding nature and imparts essential energy, it serves as a poignant reminder to cherish life's moments and gracefully embrace the ever-evolving changes that each passing instant brings. Hibiki 21 Year Old 100th Anniversary Limited Edition is a true testament to the artistry of time and taste, encapsulating the essence of this remarkable milestone.