Shizuoka 2019 Single Cask #482 Warrior Series No. 1
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Edition 1

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Brand: Shizuoka
ABV: 50.4%
Content: 700ml
Region: Japanese whisky

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The Shizuoka Warrior Series has released its first edition, which is an extremely limited collection of only 49 bottles. These bottles were bottled from an octave cask #2019-482 at the promising Shizuoka distillery in Japan.

The label of this series pays tribute to Japanese culture's deep roots, which reconcile tradition and modernity. It features classic figures such as samurai and geisha, along with the immutability of the scenery dominated by Mount Fuji and the Japanese crane symbol of eternity. The sakura trees and mix of gender and generation of the characters, as well as the modern graphics, evoke the spirit of renewal blowing over the land of the Rising Sun.