Ichiro's Malt 15 Year Old - The Final Vintage of Hanyu

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Final Vintage

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Brand: Hanyu
Age: 15 Year Old
Product info: ABV 46.5% | Single Malt | 700ml
Release: 2000
Region: Japanese whisky
Collectible: Unicorn
Tax Scheme: Margin (No VAT Charged)

Ichiro's Malt 15 Year Old "The Final Vintage of Hanyu" is a rare and sought-after Japanese whisky. Distilled by Ichiro Akuto, this whisky is the final vintage of Hanyu distillery, one of the oldest and most respected in Japan. Aged for 15 years, this whisky showcases the expertise and craftsmanship of the Hanyu distillers, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile. With only a limited number of bottles available, this whisky is a must-have for serious whisky collectors and enthusiasts. The Final Vintage of Hanyu is a true tribute to the art of Japanese whisky making and a rare opportunity to own a piece of history.

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