Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection - Silver

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Exclusive Collection 8 (VIII) 2015 by Tom Dixon Cognac

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Content: 700ml
Collectible: Limited Edition
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Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection 8 (VIII) 2015 by Tom Dixon is a premium cognac from the world-famous Hennessy distillery. This release is part of the Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection, a collaboration between Hennessy and designer Tom Dixon. Aged to perfection, this cognac boasts a rich and complex flavor profile with notes of dark fruit, spices, and a touch of oak. Packaged in a stunning bottle designed by Tom Dixon, Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection 8 (VIII) 2015 is a true work of art. Limited in availability, this cognac is a must-have for cognac collectors and connoisseurs. Don't miss the opportunity to add this exceptional cognac to your collection.

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